Ghost Ships [EP]

by Shipwrecked

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"Ghost Ships" is our first official release. The songs were written in the first few months of jamming together after the band was founded in the late summer of 2012. It took a lot of time and effort to make it happen, more than we ever imagined, but we've finally done it. This EP marks the ending of the "first phase" of the band in which we aimed for a blend of modern hardcore and sludge metal elements, spiced with some odd beats. Best consumed at loud volume!


released March 18, 2015

All music and lyrics by Shipwrecked
Mixing and mastering by Jasenko Džipa
Instruments recorded by Shipwrecked
Vocals recorded by Jasenko Džipa and Šahsudin Osmanović
Design by Emir Vejzović - Heavy Rain Design (

Performances by:
Ensar Bistrivoda – vocals
Benjamin Čišić – guitar
Dino Taletović – bass
Mirza Čengić – drums
• Saša Džino – bass (Stalwart)



all rights reserved


Shipwrecked Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Four dudes in Sarajevo playing loud music. Peace!

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Track Name: Icebreaker
It feels like…
Everywhere I turn, I cannot seem to evade
Those fires that used to burn, same fires begin to fade
I had to destroy myself so I could become stronger
(The) only way to survive this sea that keeps getting colder

Clearing my path
Leaving u with no breath

There will be no mercy, no surrender no retreat
Now I’m blood thirsty and I will feast on your defeat
I had to destroy myself so I could become stronger
(The) only way to survive this sea and keep pushing forward
Track Name: Stalwart
I’m well aware of all my flaws
All they have done is left me scared
Now well prepared embrace the loss
And I am not letting down my guard

If you fail to prepare
Then you’re prepared to fail

Whatever sea may throw at me
Whatever wind may blow my way
See through the storm and be reborn
Stronger than I was yesterday

Embrace the fear and rise above
Strapped to my neck carry the load
Whatever storm may fucking come
My life in my hands I’ll hold
Track Name: Mourn The Day
It begins with disbelief
Leaving me numb
Dark shadows of despair
Consume me whole
From the pain that comes with grief
I cannot run
Sorrow takes away the smile
Leaving me cold

All I have is anger rising like a wave
Still I feel the dagger so let me mourn the day

Mourn the day

Depression and reflection
Memories overtaking
I’m drowning in emotions
Waters become cruel
I must seek new directions
Before it breaks me
To emerge from this ocean
And take a breath for you

All I have is anger rising like a wave
Still I feel the dagger so let me mourn the day
Track Name: Ghost Ships
Waiting for the tide, for a perfect wave
Swallowing my pride, closing in my cave
The hourglass becomes my enemy
So powerless I’m floating lifelessly

Let the sea swallow
My remains hollow
Let the wind carry
In this sea I’m buried

No wisdom gained or too afraid
By fires burned, the price was paid
The hourglass becomes my enemy
So powerless at the bottom of this sea

Another darkened cloud consumes my mind
Another old mistake awakes the fear
While others sailed away I was left behind
With my own curse to break or disappear

Bounded by our fears we never get to spread our wings
Dreams will disappear, our lives will never begin
Anchored by this life unwanted
Floating ghost ships, floating coffins
Track Name: Comes With The Storm
As the blood red skies turn into grey
Clouds reveal the past where memories are stored
The remaining light will slowly fade away
As the pain and the grief come with the storm

I've seen the rise, I can see the fall
Flashes break before my eyes
I've heard the voice, I can hear the call
As I reflect on my short lived life

As I witness my last sundown
It makes me regret keeping my eyes closed
Forever seems to be closer than now
As I become this lifeless ghost